A bit of info about me

Any spare time I have, sees me spending it with my family, friends and much loved pets. Family is extremely important to me and it makes me happy to see their smiles and they often inspire me to find beauty and joy in the simple things in life.

Why I love Weddings!

When I am asked by a couple to be their celebrant for any celebrations: I feel like it is an amazing gift that I have been offered.  I am always honoured and humbled and this is why I try my best to make you happy.

Some Nuts and Bolts

Membership: I am a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC), which has over 4000 members, this provides a large network of celebrants to call on for help in need and is a vast source of resources.

Values: I always make sure that the paperwork is ready early and it would be made available for another celebrant to use in case of emergency.

Insurances and Copyright: I have Public Liability Insurance, Professional indemnity insurance, copyright protection and an APRA commercial music performance license exemption.

One ceremony per day guarantee: Your ceremony is most important to me and that is why I only book one wedding or other ceremony in a day.

Planning: I like to try and plan for the expected and the unexpected together with the help of my couples.

Service agreement: this makes sure everyone is on the same page and helps to eliminate any potential misunderstandings.

PA system 2 x with wireless receivers plus corded mic on stand plus remote-controlled USB player for music.

My Values

Your wedding ceremony equally involves two parties and is the first day of the rest of your lives together – My focus is on the bride and groom equally.

When the commitment you are making to each other is real – wonderful, hopefully magical and a true part of life – your guests and I are totally moved.

It is your wedding – no one else’s. I am happy to take inspiration from others – but as this is your wedding, my focus is on you both.

I like rehearsals, I believe they are an opportunity to check last minute details and to make sure everyone will be comfortable on the day.

If you have others participating in the ceremony: I am happy to work with them so they feel comfortable using a microphone etc:

I am not happy with the ceremony until I get it in writing that you are totally happy with it too.